Christmas Shopping Rant

Today, Adam and I are going to go Christmas shopping.


I am very bad at gift-giving. You've heard about the Five Love Languages? "Gifts" is the hands-down, absolute lowest love language for me. It barely comes on the radar. I couldn't care much less about having a stack of presents under the tree for myself (which will be a good thing this year, because we're broke, lol), and while I appreciate the thoughtfulness and generosity of the giver, I have a hard time attaching great significance to presents. So Christmas shopping is a torturous affair for me.

This is especially true because I have a couple particularly difficult people to shop for. Actually, my mom is sort of easy to shop for, because she has all sorts of likes: lotions, candles, snowmen, quilting, bird-watching. But there are only so many bottles of lotion and candles that a woman can take, you know?? The other one is a sibling-in-law, who, as far as I can tell, already has everything. Hmmm. There needs to be a venue that sells things only for people that already have everything. Oh wait, that's called SkyMall.

Well, it's time to stop complaining and start getting serious about this gift thing. Wish me luck!

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