Whatsoever a Man Seweth, So Shall He Rip

Today, I finished Present #1 (You know, what I was talking about in the last post). It was frustrating as all get out, because my sewing machine kept inexplicably jamming up and ruining the stitchwork. I'm thinking it was the thread, because the item pictured in the previous post just rolled of the machine without a hitch, but once I changed the thread, everything went to you-know-where. My time was divided yesterday among screaming at my sewing machine, ripping out stitches, and hissing, "...And you'd BETTER use this! A LOT!!!" to the non-present recipient of this particular gift.

But now, it's mostly done, and I'm looking forward to CHANGING THE THREAD moving on to the next project. I've decided to wait until everything is done to show pictures, so that way, the relatives won't be banned from this blog till December 26th.

Not to mention, I would be one angry-looking model right now.

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