Family Members, Please Do Not Read This!

I am serious, family members! I mean, you COULD read it-- if you wanted to know what you're getting for Christmas. And that's no fun at all! So go to Facebook now and stalk me there. I'll wait a minute for you.

(Are they gone?)

All right! So I was sick for the past few days. The first day, it started as a tickle in my throat. Day Two, My throat was sore as all get out, my joints hurt, and I was dizzy all day. So I read this. Yesterday, I was more mobile, but my throat still hurt like the dickens, and DH and I were sitting there, coughing at each other.

So, what else was there to do but sew?

This year, I'm giving my sisters/sisters-in-law/and maybe other lovely ladies in my life aprons for Christmas. Not your average, run-of-the-mill restaurant apron. We're talking cute aprons! Feminine aprons! Things that make you feel like Snow White in the kitchen!

So, of course, I had to experiment on my first apron. I got the free pattern here.

I'm pretty sure I made The World's Cutest Apron yesterday.

Here's a closeup on the pleats.

Meatloaf was no help at all:

And look at all the useful things you can do in it!

I was thinking of giving this one as gift, but now I'm not so sure. ;-) Be on the lookout for the lowdown on the next apron!

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