Cat's in the Can!

I am convinced that there is such thing as a cat sin nature. I think this because I live with two cats who have their favorite "pet" sins.

Mel loooooves to sharpen his claws... on our nice couch. No other item, not even the entire cushy $5 Goodwill chair that we designated as the Scratching Post, will do. But I can live with that, because it's really easy to catch Mel in the act and bring him to The Chair.

Meatloaf, however, has discovered the bathroom garbage can. Or, to be precise, he has discovered how much fun it is to knock the trash can over and spread the contents out all over the floor! It's hard to catch him in the act because when I finally get to the scene of the crime, Meatloaf is sitting in the bedroom, innocently licking himself.


Spraying him with a water bottle when I do catch him doesn't seem to be too effective, and the internet is strangely silent about this sort of menace, so I'm going to try the one piece of advice I did find on the web: putting a wet paper towel sprinkled with cayenne pepper in the trash.

Hope this works!

1 comment:

  1. Yuck. The bathroom trash? Gross. I hope the cayenne pepper trick works. That's one bad, and potentially embarrassing, habit.


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