A Day for All Chores

I realized that I haven't really been talking much about what's actually going on in the Downright Domestic household, which is a shame, because that's definitely one big reason why I read other blogs! I enjoy witnessing the vicissitudes in other people's lives. It's kind of like a TV show in real life: Did So-and-So have a great vacation? Did XYZ ever solve that gardening problem? Tune in next time to find out!

Yeah, you can tell that I don't watch much TV. Am I the only one that feels this way about the bloggy world?

So the past few weeks, I've been working at a newly-opened grocery store. It seems that there's something wrong with an entity called The Economy, so people aren't as willing to hire new graduates. So I'm doing the whole minimum-wage job thing. However, there is a definite perk to this job.

My husband is also working there!

If I'm going to spend one third of my day not sitting in front of the TV eating bonbons, I might as well spend it with the one I love, right?

I like to imagine that it's similar to the Olden Days, when the wife would go out in the fields and work side-by-side with her husband. Only now we're shaving deli meat together, ha ha. Nothing says romance like making large vats of potato salad with your husband, right? But we seriously are enjoying working together, and I think it's doing our coworkers some good to see a healthy marriage lived out.

We got Sunday and Monday off this week, so now I'm gearing up to do all sorts of fun stuff like cleaning, banking, and... grocery shopping. At our place of employment, nonetheless! They just can't keep me away!

P.S. Does the font on my blog appear smaller than usual? I was playing around with the HTML earlier, but I can't tell if I messed up the blog itself or just our web browser.

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