Vive la France!

I am so excited, y'all. I am actually making concrete plans to fulfill one dream I have had for nearly a decade: to visit France! The costs have always been high enough that I would go to Travelocity and play around with itineraries for France, but never actually do anything serious about it. A girl can dream, right?

However, last night was slow at the restaurant, and I was bored... so I decided to rope my two younger sisters into going with me. :-P Adam's not a big France fan, so he's perfectly content to stay at home and let us girls wreak havoc in Europe. We always talked about going to France together when we were kids, and after a couple phone calls last night, I found out they're still game!

I love my sisters. Always so willing to make sure I'm not the only one being ridiculous.

(Wow, we all look so young! This was taken nearly five years ago, when we were all >18 years old!)

May 2010. We are going to France. 


  1. It's totally worth the expense! My husband and I went to France on our honeymoon and it cost a pretty penny (about $6000), but we consider that money well spent. It was a wonderful experience!

  2. How exciting!! I know you can't wait, but it'll be here before you know it :P


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