Works for Me Wednesday: Jewelry Organization

Since I've participated in WFMW only once before, I'm going to go ahead and write a new post about what I think is the best household solution I've ever come up with!
I am a gal who loves her necklaces.

I am surrounded by people who love to give me necklaces.

Over the course of a lifetime, little jewelry boxes ceased to work for holding all my bling. Even those large stand-up jewelry chests, as beautiful as they are, left much to be desired, since I own more than ten necklaces, and several are too long to fit on the necklace racks. (not to mention, the price of one of those things!)


Take some of these...

And one of these...

And voila! Easy, organized necklace storage that is out of reach of little hands! 

You could use a really decorative bulletin board, too! I used to have a purple/orange/green flower foam board... that my newlywed hubby absolutely refused to hang in our room. So I just kind of hide this one behind the door area.

That Works for Me! Be sure to check out all the other great ideas at We Are THAT Family!


  1. I love that idea! Thanks for sharing. My 2 girls need this in their room, too.

  2. I gave away some of my more "girly" accessories when I got married too :) This really is a great idea! I passed it on to my three nieces who love jewelry.

  3. Great tip! And super simple too.


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