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One thing that has been so helpful to me lately is FlyLady's website. You would think that a 700-square foot apartment wouldn't even have room to get messy, right? Then you've never lived with me or my hubby, both of whom are Messy People! 

I had been living under the false notion that it was pretty much impossible to work nearly-full-time and be a housekeeper, as well. And I'm not going to lie, even with FlyLady, it's still difficult! If you have any spare maids, send them my way! ;-) However, what I love about FlyLady is that it makes housework manageable and seeks to make my house cleaner through little changes in habits! Now that's what I'm talking about!

Some of her advice I don't follow. I just... can't... wear shoes... in the house! Some of her advice made me think, "Are you for real???" but when I followed it, it made things so much better! One thing I'm thinking about in particular is shining the kitchen sink. It sounds kind of harebrained, but I've noticed that I really can't shine the sink without also washing the dishes and clearing the counters. This all takes me 5-10 minutes every night. Voila, instant clean kitchen!

The thing I like the best about this method is that it's extremely low-pressure. FlyLady says (to loosely quote her), "The house did not get messy overnight, so don't try to get it clean overnight!" How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! How do you clean the house? One little task at a time!

I'm very interested in hearing from anybody else who uses the FlyLady approach to housekeeping. I've only been doing this for a couple weeks, and have had success so far, but I'd like to know what people a few months into "FlyLady"-ing have to say.


  1. I don't specifically follow Flylady's cleaning method, but I have use her and Emilie Barnes' (More Hours In My Day) ideas to come up with my own "plan". I have 1 day of the week set aside MOSTLY for 1 area/room, but I also do little stuff in other areas to keep it clean(er) the rest of the time. Like I might have "pick up the L/Rm" on each day, but then on Thurs I dust and deep clean the L/Rm. That way socks, shoes, etc. don't collect and it's not a complete hogpen by Thurs.

  2. Iam on my way to check her out right now. I just wish my husband and son would check it out too.

  3. I love FlyLady, but I'm not into it 100%. I like the Weekly Home Blessing Hour and the weekly zone cleaning tasks. I spent a LOT of time decluttering so when it comes time to the weekly tasks, it's so much easier.


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