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Ahhh, sticky tack. Its uses have matured with me. That wonderful substance reminds me of Sunday School giving charts (why was the fifth-grade class "thermometer" always higher than my class-- except for when I was actually in fifth grade myself? Hmph), and later on held any thing I ever hung on my dorm wall in college.

Come to find out, it has also become very handy in my post-dorm days: namely, for keeping the recipe I'm currently working on from getting covered in oil, obscured by a flour bag, or just getting lost. Any cupboard will do!

Works for Me! (and for my recipes, too)


  1. That is so creative. I might try it with a Bible verse that I want to memorize. Thanks so much!

  2. This is brilliant, most of my recipes get so gross sitting on my counter!

  3. Thanks for the idea! I definitely use this one.


  4. I love ticky tac! Used much of it when I was teaching--and you are right--it was great in the dorm room!

    Thanks for stopping by my place!:)

    And thanks for using the word spatula in your fire post!! Let's call them what they are I say:)
    Sorry about your bad day!

    Have a good weekend:)

    Linda C


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