The Great Kitchen Re-Do

I did something terribly Downright Domestic the other day. It all started innocently enough. The coffee pot for my nifty coffee maker/espresso machine has been broken for a while, so I decided to get the coffee maker out of the way to free up some space in the kitchen. Our kitchen has a ton of counter space, as far as apartments go, but I was always bumping into something when using a rolling pin, and having two people working on something at once was impossible. No "Honey-Do's" were possible at my house! (and DH was glad)

Long story short, after I got the coffee maker out of the kitchen and noticed all the fine space newly available, I couldn't stop! I rearranged all the counter space, with its various and assorted items, until everything was as streamlined and convenient as could possibly be. I can finally reach inside the canisters that previously required contortions. The knife block is right next to the area(!) where I actually chop things up(!). I had a CD player in the kitchen for those long nights of scrubbing dishes-- with an accompanying disheveled heap of CD's. No more! Now (and I really wish I could show you pictures, but for some reason, the computer isn't reading my camera chip! Grrrr), the CD's are inside a box, with the CD player on top. The microwave has been banished to a corner, leaving lots of free space for two people to work on things ("Oh, Honeeeeeeey....").

I love love LOVE it! I would encourage anybody to take a look at her kitchen and take stock. Are there any little frustrations with the setup? Is there anything that can be moved, or even put in a cupboard to free up some space? Are things in the general area where they are used? (potholders and utensils near the stove, canisters near the area where batters are made) Just a minor rearrangement can make a world of difference!

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