A Day Off!

Today, I have a day off!-- sort of. Those four credits I need in order to get a diploma? That... happens... tonight... in a four-hour Chemistry Lab. The things I will do to graduate! The good part, though, is that Hubs is also in the class, so we get four solid hours of quality time blowing things up together. Hooray!

Since I worked long hours this weekend, the house has devolved into a state of domestic emergency. My Domestic Duties of the Day:

Grocery shopping
Baking bread
Baking breakfast muffins
Doing laundry
Finding the dining room table again

So now, I'm going to go off and be Downright Domestic.

1 comment:

  1. Wow. Four hours, huh? Sounds fun!! Do you make your bread by hand or with a bread machine? It's always fun to run into other people that make their own bread :)


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