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My inspiration for our $25-a-week food budget is brought to you courtesy of The Grocery Cart Challenge. Seems that there are a lot of people out there committed to saving money on groceries! The car has been having trouble this week (the battery likes to die when it gets really cold, really fast), so my gallant husband decided to accompany to the store. My husband is a lot of fun to be with, but this was not conducive to frugal shopping. My conversation the entire time was a cycle of, "Sorry, honey, that's not in the budget. No, love, we don't need root beer. Or chips. Or pizza. No, we are not spending the extra food money on Taco Bell." (what can I say, my guy LOVES junk food :-P) After we came in under budget, we actually did buy a dollar can of Pringles. Oh, joy in a can! Pringles are a rare treat in this house.

What $25 bought us this week:

1 lb Raisins-$1.89
4 lb sugar-$1.85
Bag of coconut-$1.15
BBQ Sauce-$1.09
Angel Hair-$.88
Macaroni noodles-$.88
Chili beans-$.59
Diced tomatoes-$.55
Tomato sauce-$.50
Hot dogs-$.98
Sour Ceam-$1.50
2 lb onion-$1.86
3 lb baking potatoes-$1.72
2 avocados-$1.18
3/4 lb tomatoes-$.99
1/2 lb broccoli-$.93

Total: $22.62

Total after tax: $24.55

Yippee! I was so happy at the register to see it all come under budget, even with tax!

The dinner plan this week:
Homemade macaroni and cheese
Chili spaghetti
Baked potatoes
Rice with Goodies
Cream tuna

Good luck to all with your grocery budgets!


  1. Great job! $25 that is impressive. Love all the fresh fruit and veggies!

  2. I am IMPRESSED! Wow $25! I will be looking at your menu plans each week that's for sure to get some ideas on cutting some costs in my house!

  3. Great Job! I remember being a newlyewed and our budget was $20 but that was 14 years ago. It was sure tight. Shopping with husbands is a lot like shopping with kids.

  4. Somebody ELSE with a $25/week budget!! Woop, woop! I shake your hand, I really do. It's not easy to do it, but we know it IS possible, right? I noticed from your little "about me" that you're a college student & newlywed:) I didn't go to college, but def. still in the "newlywed stage"...even after 4 3/4 yrs of being married ;) Do you do alot of your cooking from scratch? Sorry for the massive first-time comment :) I can't wait to check out your blog some more!


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