My New Year's Resolution

Ah, new Year's Resolutions. Something I love to hate to love, and something I also hate to love to hate. Or something like that. Once my eyes straighten out, I'll let you know. Anyways, I'm really optimistic about this year's resolutions! I'm trying a different approach that I thought of all by myself *pats back*. There are four things I really wanted to try this year for a better new me!-

1. Read the Bible/pray consistently
2. Exercise consistently
3. No computer/Wii
4. No sugar

Some are a little impractical to implement all year long. The one I'm thinking about in particular is No Sugar- I would ask someone to please just shoot me right right now- so I thought of a better plan. Every week, I will take a different goal and do it every day that week-- even Sunday! I think it'll work. maybe I'll even get into the routine of doing all of them at the same time all the time! And pigs will fly! Of course, this gives me liberty to slack off from certain things for three weeks (although I will certainly try not to do so), but at this point, anything will be an improvement.

I wrote it all down in the calendar for the year, in the order I listed them above. That way, it alternates something good for the body with something good for the soul. And wouldn't you know, by some miracle, all my sugar-free weeks do NOT fall on any major holiday or birthday! That makes my cake-loving self happy. 

I'm still trying to formulate a game plan for executing the Bible and exercise portion. I'm always so overwhelmed when I think about actually doing some sort of systematic Bible study because, honestly, there is SO MUCH to read!!! Where do you start?? Oftentimes, I am so intimidated by the sheer volume of choice that I just close my eyes and open the Bible to some random spot. Not the best way to study the Bible.

So... do you have any recommendations? Currently, I'm really interested in this puppy. Some day, when I have barrels of money to burn...

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