Cleaning the house made easy!- or at least more manageable

Howdy! In a nice irony, I am taking a break from cleaning the house to tell you exactly what I do to clean the house. Of course, if you had seen the mountain of dishes that I just tackled, you would understand why I deserve the break!

Speaking of mountains, that is pretty much how the whole apartment looks until I finally just up and clean the durn place. It is pretty intimidating to clean the WHOLE place in one day, but this is what I do to make molehills out of those mountains:

1. Turn on some good music.

2. Get a timer, set it for thirty minutes, and clean the worst room in the house.

3. When the half hour is up, go to the next worst room. It doesn't matter if room #1 didn't get spotless. Just go! Repeat steps 1-3.

I like this system because this way, Perfectionism will not keep me in one room for the entire day.  And the house ends up at least a little better than it was, if not completely clean. And I find that many parts don't even take half an hour! Sometimes I'll see how many rooms I can do in thirty minutes!

I just have a little apartment, so the half-hour time is perfect for me. I can get the whole house looking great in a couple of hours. For those fortunate to have a real house with more rooms, you could adjust the time to fifteen minutes. Or ten. Whatever it takes.

Well, I suppose it's time to tackle a new room. My husband's going out for a while, so I'm also going to surprise him some of his favorite tea. Shhhh.

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  1. Love it! LOL, I sometimes do that, and pick either 15 min. or 30 min. depending on how "blah" I feel about cleaning that particular spot!!


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