Easter Time!

Usually Easter weekends are pretty low-key for us, but this year made up for the rest of them! First, Adam started a new job in town this week, so we were adjusting to that; my cousin and his wife celebrated their tenth anniversary on Saturday, and I helped run the party; and my parents had a big Easter Sunday brunch at their restaurant, and I helped with that, too!

I also recently became the organist for a church in town, so this Easter I got to do the music. It was so fun! Easter has the best music of the ecclesiastical year. I got to the church early so I could be sure to play all the extra Easter music as preludes.

Between the church service and then dashing off to the restaurant, I took a minute to snap a picture of the kids in their Easter finery:

Maybe next year, I'll actually get a picture with someone looking at the camera!

This was the first Easter where Oscar actually got the concept of the Easter Bunny, and it was pretty magical for him. He might have been able to understand last year, but that Easter was kind of cancelled because Cici was in the hospital at the time. Funny how this holiday works-- Cici isn't turning one until this weekend, and yet this was her second Easter!

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