I am excited about Easter for all the wrong reasons

This is really very silly. I am more excited about this Easter than I have been in a long time, and it is all because of...


More specifically, this kind of train:

Brio train

Last May- yes, nearly an entire year ago- we were browsing the local thrift shop when we found an unopened, never-used wooden train set, with all the tracks and bells and whistles. We figured one day, Oscar would be interested in such things, so we brought it home and threw it in a closet.

Oscar's first birthday passes... he's still too young to be interested much. Christmas comes... we wrap it up and put it under the tree, but Oscar ends up getting such a ridiculous mound of presents from all the relatives that a train set just seems superfluous. Easter it is! we decide.

Did I mention how much we stole got the set for? $12.50! I think I left the price tag on when I wrapped the set because I love looking at it so much. :-D

So a couple months ago, Oscar suddenly got really interested in trains. Our local grocery store has a train set up just like this one, and he loves pointing at it and chanting, "Choo! Choo!" We've gone to Toys R' Us a couple of times and let him play with the trains there. He has loved every YouTube video I've shown him of trains, and he's been pretty enthusiastic about library books about trains.

I told Adam a couple months ago, "I want to give him the train set now! What if he loses his interest in trains before Easter rolls around?"

Adam replied, "He's a boy. He will still be interested in trains."

So we'll see if that holds true tomorrow, when we give him a present wrapped in suspiciously Christmasy-looking paper. I have absolutely been sitting on my hands all Lent long, waiting to let him play with it! Have a lovely Easter, everybody! He is risen!

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