Mama D's Closet March giveaway!

If you're new to the blog, welcome! I initially started Mama D's Closet  to use up a huge stash of flannel, but the desire to spread the word about cloth menstrual pads is what keeps me going. :-) I've always considered myself to be a bit of a cloth pad evangelist, so to speak, and Mama D's Closet is a great platform for me to help facilitate discussion about it! I have discovered that the reason that many alternative products like these aren't popular is not because they're necessarily gross or weird, but because no one knows they exist! So although the shop doesn't make me much money, it helps me get the word out.

Now, what is so great about cloth pads? Here are a few reasons why I think every woman ought to give them a try:

~More economical-- save some cash!
~Better for the environment
~More comfortable than plastic pads-- say goodbye to chafing and chemical burns!
~Easy to launder
~Supports small business
~Helps promote a more positive approach to menstruation

What makes my pads special? I designed my pads specially for budget-conscious women who may not have regular access to laundry facilities. I personally spent three years using cloth pads as a poor college student who had to cart all her laundry to a coin-op, so I needed a pad that could be handwashed thoroughly, air-dry quickly, and have customizable absorbency so I could make do with fewer pads. The envelope design of Mama D's Closet pads fits the bill beautifully, and the materials are cotton flannel and microfiber, which air dry quickly. And of course, who can resist all those fun prints! Working with these fabrics is one of the best things about running Mama D's Closet!

So this month, I'm offering one winner the chance to win any two cloth pads of their choice from my shop! That includes both day pads AND MiniPads! I am going to be adding lots of fun new prints in the coming weeks, so if you'd like to keep updated, feel free to like Mama D's facebook fan page. Thanks for stopping by, and good luck!

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