The Name Game-- Help!

We're about 95% sure that we'll let the gender of this new baby be a surprise again. The fun part: it's a surprise! The not-so-fun part: we have to choose a boy name. Duhn duhn DUHHHHHNNNNNN...

Long-time readers of the blog may recall that Adam and I agreed on a boy name literally minutes before Oscar was born. Yes, after nine entire months looking at every name book and website, and going round and round arguing for our favorite names, we only came to an agreement when it looked like an actual baby was going to be emerging in the next few minutes. So now we have the torture task of going through the whole rigmarole again, and I'm curious to see if any of you have any good name ideas!

Pictured: not a good name idea

Here are our guidelines...

  • It can not- repeat, CAN NOT- rhyme with Aiden or any of his Dr. Seuss-like compatriots: Jayden, Brayden, Cayden, Zayden, Hayden.... I forget; are people inventing new letters of the alphabet yet to make new rhyming Aiden names?
  • When someone reads it, there should be no doubts about how to pronounce it.
  • It shouldn't be too common, but should be a name that people are familiar with. "Distinct, but not unique" is our mantra. Oscar fit the bill perfectly.

  • We prefer names that are more on the classical side, and avoid names that are too modern or too Bible-y. Some of the names we were kicking around for Oscar were William, Cyrus, Felix, Titus, Julius. (I'd still totally use Felix, but Adam says NO. Plus, I think there's a Twilight character named Felix. Not going to happen now.)
  • Monosyllabic names don't work really well with our last name (it's Italian and starts with a D).
  • No place names (Dallas, Paris), object names (Spirit, Falcon, Rain), surnames (Cooper, Archer, Carter, Anderson), or gender-ambiguous names (Dakota, Shannon, Quinn) 
  • This isn't a requirement, but I think it's really cool that Oscar's most famous real-life counterpart is Oscar Wilde, the brilliant and witty literary genius. It would be cool to find a name for Baby D 2.0 that corresponds to an important contributor to the arts and sciences (another reason I liked Felix-- Felix Mendelssohn, anyone?). Our chosen girl name actually does that, as well. Once again, this isn't a requirement, but maybe something I should look to for inspiration!

Sheesh... with requirements like that, are you surprised we had trouble coming up with Oscar's name? I am totally not going to be surprised if we are once again forced to decide in the delivery room!

So... any ideas?

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