Can a family of four sleep in one bedroom?

We made the commitment to stay another year in our current two-bedroom apartment. The idea is to save money this year by living in a smaller space now so that we can think about living in a house next year. Having spent four years crammed in a dorm and then three years after that in a one-bedroom apartment (part of that with a baby!), I'm not intimidated by small living spaces. But we are presented with a unique living challenge this time around...

See, we need the second bedroom for office, crafting, and sewing business. I am all for keeping sleeping spaces for sleeping and business places for business; in our last one-bedroom apartment, everything that didn't belong in the living room area went in the bedroom, and I haaaaaaated it. Imagine trying to relax in a bedroom crammed with an overflowing theology bookshelf, a sewing machine and oodles of craft supplies, boxes of stuff that you have nowhere to store, musical instruments... you get the idea. It was madness, and everything was so mish-moshed together that the entire house felt like one slightly larger dorm room.

Like this, but with fewer pizza boxes.

So yeah, having a two-bedroom apartment is awesome! I love finally having a sanctuary devoted to peace and rest. It is consistently the cleanest room in the house, and it's usually quiet and cool.

Which is why we are seriously considering leaving our room arrangement the way it is when Baby #2 comes, and sleeping all four of us in the bedroom. Are we nuts for considering this? I just can't see clearing out the entire office to make a bedroom for the kids when A) there's nowhere to put the office, and B) we aren't ready to stop co-sleeping anyways. Right now, Oscar sleeps with us in our bed, and all three of us enjoy the arrangement immensely. So I figure, what's one more baby to the mix. :-P

If hippos can do it, anyone can.

That will be a challenge, since we're currently in a double-size bed that we can't get rid of (it's been in the family for four or five generations and is part of an heirloom bedroom set). Can you imagine, three larger-than-average people in a double bed?? We are living proof that anyone can co-sleep anywhere. Good thing we like to snuggle! So now I'm thinking of getting a twin-sized bed and shoving it up against our double bed to make a nice, big mega-bed, which we can separate if we want to later on down the road.

Luckily, we have a few more months to get all the details worked out! Has anyone ever attempted anything like this? I figure if other cultures can make a family bed work for centuries, then we have a small sliver of hope. :-)

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