Warning: Potentially sacrilegious post. Blame my subconscious.

I often have dreams about kids I don't have, popular fictional characters, and even famous historical characters. But the other night, I had a dream about the Big Guy:

It also involved you, so I had to share. :-D

So my alma mater was performing an Easter concert at a church. Since I didn't know whether I was supposed to be playing in the orchestra or singing in the choir, I was just kind of hanging around in the back. Suddenly, in the middle of the concert, gasps started rippling through the crowd. I looked over...

and JESUS was sitting in the middle of the crowdAnd he was clapping and singing along with the music!! It was weird because of course, everyone was really happy about it, but more like a "Hooray, Jesus made it here; now the party's gonna get aaaaaawesome!" kind of way. People were high-fiving and clapping along with Jesus, who seemed to be having a really good time.

But woe unto those fools who clap in between movements.

 Naturally, I was super excited about this, so I ran home, threw on my choir dress, and made it back in time to sing the last song.

Now, what would a normal person do after taking part in a concert that Jesus attended? I think most people would try to get an autograph or something. But evidently, that's not my style, because as soon as the applause died down, I pulled out a camera and started to make a Vlog. For you, on this blog. This post was going to be the best, ground-breakingest thing ever!!

...And then I woke up to Oscar smacking my face and sqwuaking for breakfast. Thanks, kid, because now I'll never know what it's like to have the Most-Viewed Web Page Ever. But anyways, I hope you're flattered to know that my subconscious would rather give you a stellar post than shake Jesus' hand.

Is anybody else having weird dreams these days?

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