I'm still alive!

I have been a total blog slacker for the past month. At first, I treated it as a little summer vacation and mentally settled on a chaise with a margarita on my virtual beach. However, when I started getting emails from bloggy friends, asking if everything was okay, I knew it was time to return from the virtual resort.

I was truly touched by the emails I received, asking if everything was okay. This little blogging community is truly what makes writing here worthwhile!

Pictured here: the inside of my heart
Everyone is in excellent health, and nothing too earth-shattering has happened lately. My absence has just been a combination of a few things: I've been struggling with finding my place in this new town. I'm subscribed to waaay too many blogs, and just got burned out on following everything. I've been selling some diapers on a swapping site, which required me to get involved with the forum there. Kind of boring reasons, which is probably a good thing.

But I'm back now, and have a snarky little post all set up to publish tomorrow evening. Thanks for reading, even if I do run away sometimes. :-)

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