A Blogger Meltdown Exercise

If you use Blogger as your writing platform, you may have noticed the two-day-long Blogger meltdown, wherein nobody could write posts, comment, or even see their dashboard. This was a problem for me. Not because I had anything particularly important to say, but I'm AMERICAN, dagnabbit, and need my freedom to express any and all thoughts whenever I want!!!

The First Amendment is THAT awesome.

After about a day of bloggy limbo, I was pretty fed up with Blogger and itching to write something, so I made a WordPress blog. This was a good opportunity to play around with WordPress and see if I liked it enough to switch platforms. I immediately ran into a problem, though-- every single name I could think of was already taken! Downright Domesticity was available, but I want a new, less chunky name that's still representative of my blog. Where all the words are real. ;-) Obviously, I was going to have to get really creative!

So for a little blogging exercise, I opened up a Word document and started typing a stream-of-consciousness list of words that represent my blog. I was really surprised by what came out.

The very top of my list was heavy with words like green, crunchy, and hippie. Mid-level was family, baby, housewife. As my stream-of-consciousness slowed down, I became increasingly more hesitant to put down things like cooking. When was the last time I blogged about food? (or better yet, when was the last time I cooked? Ha ha) Christian. Perhaps I'm shallow, but I really struggle with articulating my faith. Also glaring was what I didn't put on the list at all. Cloth diapers. I never intended to get so gung-ho about diapers, but I was so shocked by how much space they get on the blog that I didn't have the heart to put it down.

So it was a very good exercise. It helped to see what the blog has been, and what direction it should head in the future. It also helped me find an appropriate blog name! I finally settled on The Happy Hippie Housewife, which is a pretty accurate description, because- let's face it- I am a hippie.

But not THAT much of a hippie.

So we'll see where this WordPress thing takes me. I did write a post, if you want to see the best six-second video you will ever view. 

Have you ever done some sort of blogging exercise? WordPress folks-- what do you like about your platform?

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