Highlights from our crazy cross-country move!

It was an interesting trip to Virginia. We were too cheap to get the cats properly sedated, so we opted to dump a mountain of catnip into each cage and hope for the best. And it actually worked-- Meatloaf and Mel were so high, they had a trip within a trip, kind of like Inception for cats. My folder of carefully selected CD's somehow got packed into the U-Haul trailer, so we endured the 24-hour trip with two CD choices: Phantom of the Opera or some album by Muse. I'm pretty sure we deserve a medal just for that. Somewhere in Arkansas, we hit a sparrow, but we didn't realize it was lodged in our grille until halfway into Tennessee. According to Adam, that poor little bird had "a 700-mile funeral procession".

But we made it here in one piece, and I am in *love* with Virginia! Or, more accurately, I'm in love with the washer and dryer in my apartment. It's been quite an adventure. Wait... what? There's no slot for quarters? The machine will fill with water even if the lid is up?? What is this new-fangled "clean-rinsing" detergent? Needless to say, our clothes are the cleanest they've ever been while I try those babies out! I've actually been having some stink issues with the cloth diapers since moving here, so that's not cool, but I have some Rockin' Green samples coming in the mail and am planning a nice long soak for them soon.

So that's about it. I moved to Virginia and got a washing machine. Life couldn't get any better! At any rate, it feels good to get back into blogging and to wade through my giant mass of unread emails. And maybe unpack a box or two.

I leave you with a picture of Oscar (on the right) and his cute little cousin...

Yeah, she's totally grabbing his ear. You'd better watch out, little guy, because I hear that those Virginians can be pretty crazy. :-D

So what did I miss this week? What's going on in your neck of the woods?

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  1. Congratulations on the move!! Washing machine IN the apartment? We are so happy for you! :)


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