We Have a Winner!

Oh my gosh, the best part of this week was opening up the comments and seeing the ridiculous Mad Libs you made! I seriously wish I had diapers to give to all of you. :-( But there's hope, because I am definitely going to have to do another Mad Libs giveaway again. But enough of the chit-chat! According to random.org, the recipient of the two fitted cloth diapers is...


  • Lady Gaga showed me how to Jump a diaper! It`s made out of Boys and Dogs, so my baby will have to wear a(n) Bikini over it-- it`s not Round like a(n) Fluffy diaper or an All-In-13! If I win, I will jump in the House, clap my Hands, and shout, "Stop farting!!" These diapers will look so Bumpy on my baby Dad!

Congratulations, Terri! You will receive an email shortly!

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