I Made Baby D Cry It Out Tonight

And it wasn't pretty. And it's definitely not something I'm going to make a habit of, but two weeks into this single parenting gig, I am SO.TIRED. Tired of constantly nursing, tired of eating my meals cold, tired of hearing Baby D scream at me all day, but mostly just plain TIRED. I haven't slept well in three nights because Baby D has been waking up constantly, all night long, and refusing to settle, even after I feed him. And the days! My normally placid baby has been yelling at me from sunrise to sunset for over a week. He's not napping well, either. I've actually started wearing him for at least a solid hour every day, during which time he blessedly never makes a peep, but he is a giant baby, so even my muscles are tired. And the second I set him down, BOOM! He starts the shrieking again.

So tonight, I thought, all right, he can scream at me either here or in his bed. And it was really sad. :-( I picked him up and rocked him until he dozed off a couple times, but as soon as I laid him down, he was awake and wailing again. But tonight, I was too tired to care.

I have no idea how single moms keep it together! At least I'll be reuniting with Adam sometime before the month is out-- granted, I still do almost all the childcare anyways, but Adam takes care of ME. Several friends have offered to babysit Baby D, but there's the issue of feeding. I have a cruddy little hand pump, and it takes forever to pump a significant amount. So I can't complain too much, because I could drop Baby D off if I was desperate enough, but pumping is the last thing I want to do after nursing Mr. Crabby all night long.

Okay, time to wrap up this moan-and-groan post! Thanks for letting me have my whine with my cheese... Just keepin' it real here. Not every day, or every week, for that matter, is great at the Downright Domicile. :-P

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