Cloth Diapering on the Cheap, DD-Style

Since I seem to be on a cloth diaper roll, I thought I'd write about ways to get your baby in fluff without breaking the bank. Since I don't have much of a bank to break in the first place, I'm kind of an expert on cloth diapering for cheap. If you've been researching this sort of stuff, you probably know that the cheapest conventional method is using prefolds with breathable waterproof covers like Thirsties Duo Wraps. Here are few other, more unconventional methods!

--Giveaways. There are a zillion cloth diaper giveaways across the internet that you can enter! Sadly, I haven't won one yet-- I've won tons of other random stuff, but not a diaper. I'm hoping that changes sometime!

--The Cloth Diaper Foundation. This site donates new and used diapers to families in need. I haven't done this because the applicant positions fill up super fast, and up until a few months ago, you had to return the diapers once your baby grew out of them (they've since changed the policy, so you get to keep them!). I'd rather build up a stash of brand-new diapers that will last through multiple kids, but this is a good opportunity if you're in a pinch.

--Sew your own. You can sew fitteds like the ones on my last post for super cheap. The materials I used were all free- some from my MIL and some from receiving blankets- but for the sake of argument, let's say you're buying flannel at $5 a yard. You can get three diaper pieces from one yard, which starts the cost at $3.33 per diaper. The elastic used is minimal (maybe 1.5 feet), and the terry cloth comes from old bath towels. I've been using cheapy Wal-Mart washcloths for the Snappi grip material (it works better because it's not so bulky as the bath towels). $5 for an 18-pack= 28 cents per washcloth. That comes to $3.61 per fitted diaper!

(and stay tuned for fitted tutorial coming soon!)

I'm also researching the cost to make a pocket diaper. You will need PUL (a waterproof yet breathable material) for the outside, microfleece or suedecloth for the inside, and something absorbent for the insert that you will stuff inside the diaper (microfiber, bamboo or hemp fabric, or a prefold). PUL is between $7.50-15.00 per yard. Suedecloth, which is cheaper than microfleece, is about $7 a yard. Both of these fabrics are normally 60" wide, so you should be able to get four diaper pieces from each! Let's say that you get a cute PUL print for $10 and suedecloth for $7. That will make each diaper shell cost $4.25. For the inserts, you buy an 8-pack of microfiber towels for $5. Since you need two towels for one normal insert, that will run you $1.25 per insert. The final cost of the pocket diaper: $5.50! If you want to make this one-sized by having someone like Convert My Diapers add rise snaps, it will add a few dollars to the cost-- a pricier start-up, but cheaper in the long run, and still less expensive than buying the diapers.

I really want to get a BabyKicks diaper
with my Swagbucks. *Droooooool*
--Swagbucks. For about 1900 Swagbucks, you can get a name-brand cloth diaper from Amazon.com! (if you don't have an account, you can sign up using my referral link and get me closer to some new fluff! :-D) 

--Helping orphans. Normally, I'm not big on buying from China. BUT, the proceeds from American-run Assunta Store in China fund a non-profit hospice organization for dying and disabled orphans. Since they are made in China, the pocket diapers are very inexpensive-- as low as $5! From the reviews I've read from independent bloggers, the diapers perform very well, so you can do both your wallet and your heart a favor and still get a good product.

So those are my oddball ideas for getting diapers inexpensively. Do you have any tricks for feeding that cloth addiction?

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