There ain't no calm before a storm in Oklahoma

The weathermen here are reporting a big snowstorm in this neck of the woods tonight. If you ever want to see a yearly reenactment of Independence Day mayhem, just come to Oklahoma on the eve of a snowstorm. People are driving all over the place, buying out stores, and pulling their hair out, panicking about the possibility of power loss.

I made the naive decision to make a trip to Wal-Mart today. Holy shopping carts, Batman. People were running amok, filling shopping carts to the brim! It was really entertaining to see what people were stocking up on. I saw entire carts loaded up with cases of Dr. Pepper and beer; other people were buying armloads of frozen chicken. Because, you know, if the power goes out, they will keep just fine in a refrigerator that's not running and cook great in an oven that's not baking. :-P

In the Downright Domicile, we'll be having cold cereal, bananas, leftover taco soup, hummus, and sandwiches. Lots and lots of sandwiches. Funny thing about this 2001 Bread Challenge:  I can't bring myself to buy bread from the store anymore. I've developed a taste for homemade bread, and can't tolerate the thought of spending money for inferior bread at the store when I can make it for cheaper. :-P So today, I'll be making lots of bread!

I also stocked up on some cold cereal. Do you know how impossible it is to find cereal without sugar? I thought, well, surely Rice Krispies doesn't have sugar! WRONG! Sugar is the SECOND ingredient! So I just bought some generic puffed brown rice and red wheat.

Anyways, the point of this whole post: I am hoping to get a Knead-It Monday post up tonight, but I have a lot of baking and laundry to do before the storm hits. So don't be broken-hearted if that doesn't appear till tomorrow-- or later, if we actually lose power.

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  1. Tie down the sails and batten down the hatches (I hope got those straight...)! I hope you don't lose power... it's "fun" for the first little while and then it gets un-fun fast. Thankfully we hardly ever lose power here where we are. Have fun making bread and I hope it turns out great for you! I, too, can't bring myself to buy bread. At least not for everyday. Sometimes we'll buy some if we're on vacation and run out (but I'm getting better at making sure we take enough HM), but that's been a long time.


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