The Skinny on No Sugar

Well, I wasn't quite prepared for the reactions that the "Sugarless 2011" challenge evoked! So, I'm going to write a whole post outlining just what exactly next year is going to look like.

On a side note, I'm going to be super annoyed if I die next year. I'll be the one kicking and screaming at the Pearly Gates, crying, "...but I wanted one last chocolate sundaaaaaaaaaae!"

Of course, I'm not planning on going anywhere, so let's get on to business. I probably would have done better to call this "Sweetless 2011", because there's no way to avoid sugar in food entirely. It's EVERYWHERE, from your loaf of whole-wheat bread to the ketchup on your hot dog. What I'm doing this year is consciously avoiding sweet things. This means I will eat none of the following:

  • Chocolate, candy, cookies
  • Anything served as a dessert (ice cream, cake, pie, etc.)
  • Muffins, scones, and other sweet breads (besides what I'll make for the Bread Challenge)
  • Pancakes, waffles, crepes
  • Sweet drinks (pop, juice, hot chocolate, and yes, caramel frappuccinos. This is going to be a long, looong year)
  • Non-plain yogurt (Yoplait may as well be a dessert, there's so much sugar in one of those!)
  • Jello (not that I eat much, it just kind of popped in my head)

I feel like I'm forgetting something, so I'll probably have to come back and add things as I think of them. I usually don't put sugar in anything I'm cooking unless it's already a sweet food, so that shouldn't be an issue. Oh, and I hate the taste of fake sugar (Equate, Sweet n' Low), so I won't be using those, either. And I've never tried stevia, but I've always thought that was kind of a cheating thing anyways, so that's off the approved list, as well.

Of course, I have a couple sweet exceptions: fruit and honey. Fruit is kind of a duh exception, but why honey? Because I eat oatmeal for breakfast nearly every day, and I need something on top. I'm not out to make myself suffer this year or anything. Besides, I have a pantry stocked with local raw, organic honey that has some nice health benefits, and I'd hate to let it go to waste!

A big reason I'm doing this is because the doctors are 99% certain I had gestational diabetes with Baby D. After all was said and done, I found out that not only did my mom have GD problems with her pregnancies, but her mom did as well, so I'm dealing with some powerful hereditary factors at work here. In fact, when I later read the story of my birth, it was scary how exactly it matched Baby D's! So anyways, I think the Sugarless 2011 will help me get on track for the next pregnancy. Not to mention, help out with the dental side of things!

Are you making any dietary changes this new year? I've always thought going organic was pretty cool, but I'm pretty sure my heart wouldn't be able to handle the checkout counter. I have some friends that are going vegan, and then my husband is cutting out junk food. I'd love to hear about yours!


  1. We've gone mostly organic, and eat meat maybe 1-2x/week instead of nearly every night. The meat we buy is mostly locally grown. And yes, it is expensive! (That's why we only eat it a couple times a week!) Good luck with your sugar free year...it's one thing just to do it 'just because' but you're doing it for your health and the health of your future pregnancy. Those a great reasons to stick to your plan!

  2. Agave Nectar...Healthy, natural, (sweet) and sold at Walmart!

  3. Can I ask- why is stevia cheating? That's what I use in my espresso. I went completely off sugar a few years ago at dr. recommendation. Now, I will use a little sugar here and there. I would rather use sugar than Splenda (insecticide!), say a teaspoon in iced tea.

    Also Michelle is right that agave is a really good alternative. it is very low glycemic index. I found one that is honey flavored, woot!


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