Snow Day!

Well, today is turning out to be frigid and SNOWY here in New York! I'm excited because this may be the only snow I see this year, with Oklahoma being so unpredictable. And I can finally take the time to blog because everyone's out hunting except for me and my pregnant sister-in-law. Thanks for saving me from freezing my butt off in the snow, Baby D!

I'm having a great time here in NY. Visiting Adam's family is always gives me a strange feeling, because his younger siblings are all the same age and gender as mine, so it's like walking into an alternate universe and seeing how my family could have turned out. My siblings are pretty wild and tend to go off and do their own thing when at home, but Adam's family is extremely cohesive and moral and take much pleasure in doing things together. It's really interesting to see the contrast between siblings, like my brother and Adam's brother, both the same age, but one is a hard-boiled, pack-a-day-smoking ex-Marine, and the other likes leading worship and acting in musicals. At one time, I'm sure they were very much alike, but at some point, their lives took very different turns. It's so interesting to see how the choices people make determine even their personalities later down the road!

So Thanksgiving was fun yesterday! There was a ton of food, and of course, everyone had to say something that they're thankful for. Adam took the obvious one and said that he was thankful for Oscar, so I said that I was thankful to be with family for Thanksgiving. It's a fact that not only do you marry your spouse, but you also marry his family; so I have always been thankful to have such good in-laws. Well, all the hunters should be back soon, so I should get off. I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving!

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