Sewing Away

Hmmm, it's been a while since I've made a real post. The main reason is because I've been a busy bee, working on some projects. Ready for some show-and-tell?

First off is a ring sling that an acquaintance commissioned me to make. She showed me a picture of the colors in her nursery and left me to my own devices. :-D It took me a while to make, because I KNEW that I wanted brown and white polka-dot fabric, and evidently that stuff is the Atlantis of fabric. It just can't be found! Finally, after repeatedly combing through every fabric store in town, I found what I wanted online.

A week later, it came to me, and it was the wrong weight! I had overlooked the fact that it was a duck canvas instead of cotton apparel fabric. Grrr! So I ended up buying a much larger polka-dot print at Hobby Lobby, which, after the fact, actually looks better than the smaller print. Tell me what you think:

She wanted pleats in the shoulder. For extra extra security, I triple-stitched the shoulder seam.

And, of course, it needed a pocket!

 Let me tell you, a lot of blood and sweat and tears went into this sling!

So what did I do with all that duck canvas? Make a nursing cover, of course!

Here's a closer look at the heart applique and rick-rack trim. I bought that rick-rack on clearance several weeks ago, and I was just waiting for something to use it on!

And, of course, it has a stiff neckline so I can what the heck is going on.

I still have a bunch of that fabric left, so I may just sew a couple more nursing covers and try to sell it on Etsy. So that's what I've been up to! Anybody else working on anything fun?


  1. Miss Maria, you've inspired me. I'm on the hunt for my first sewing machine. And while I don't have a hope of creating a triple stitch, pleated baby carrier anytime soon, I thought I'd get your insight on what I should look for in a good basic machine.

    Your newest creations are divine. Have you ever considered opening an Etsy shop?

  2. I didn't realize you had such lovely sewing talents. My project today is hemming a bunch of headscarves for my book club tomorrow night. Eventually, I hope to hand-sew a Christmas advent calendar out of felt. You are inspiring!

  3. Both very cute! I've been working on ruffled aprons for Christmas gifts for the ladies in my family.

  4. They are both gorgeous! Very nice work. I wish I was creative and could sew. :(

  5. I definitely think you should sell your stuff on etsy, you'd be great!
    I'm working on Christmas items. I've decided that it's going to be A Homemade Christmas this year, and I'm excited! But I have tons to do, and haven't covered much group yet.


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