Well, THAT was a short maternity leave

I just realized that if I had chosen to continue with my job, I would have had to go back to work today.


Baby D has been around for six weeks now, the amount of time my former employer allowed for maternity leave, and, it seems after consulting my friend Google, an average time for maternity leave across the board. Geez Louise, where did the time go?? There is NO WAY I'd have been able to leave Baby D today! He is just finally starting to normalize in behavior and habits. I'm still healing up from that dang C-section. And the house is, of course, still a big mess.

How do working moms do it? Managing kids, household work, and a job? They could definitely teach me a thing or two about organization!

I've always known that when we had kids, I'd stay home and make them my job. And this has come with a price. I joke that when Baby D was born, we didn't go from two incomes to one-- it's more like we went from one income to half an income, lol! So we're pretty broke right now. But fortunately, I have a hubby who is of the same mind as I am, and is as committed to making that happen. And, of course, I'm brainstorming on ways to generate some income from the home!

We'll make it work, even though I foresee a hard road. But today, my hat is tipped to the working moms, who have to do something even harder: say goodbye to baby and walk out the door.


  1. this is Michelle Green =) you are great at sewing and crafts and stuff. you could do that, like repairs or handmade crafts. my friend Lisa (Tober) makes really nice coasters and sells them online. i've got a pillow i need re-stuffed and t-shirt that would make a REALLY cute pillow since i don't wanna get rid of the shirt but i love what it says. (it says "i'm not short, i'm fun size!" LOL) or perhaps music lessons in your home? anyway just some ideas =)

  2. Bake sales year round!

  3. Well if it makes you feel any better, the C-section would get you another 2 weeks. Either way, ridiculously short, right?


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