So I bought some gDiapers...

Since Baby D is gearing up to move into the next diaper size, I've been spending many pleasurable moments poring over cloth diapers on the web, deciding what design I might want to try next. Cloth diapering is a sickness, I tell you. You love the feel and the way they look on your progeny's cute little tushie, you get really excited over new designs, and you just want to collect them all!!! In that way, it's kind of like Pokemon.

So when I found myself at Babies 'R Us, holding a gift card from a dear friend, and staring at a sale for a two-pack of gDiapers, I thought, What the hey, and bought them with a pack of flushable inserts.

Well, let me tell you, I am pretty impressed with the gDiapers! I really love the option of switching between cloth and disposable inserts (which will be most handy when we visit family for the holidays), and how easy it was for Hubby to figure out. Anything that results in ME changing fewer diapers is totally on my approved list! :-D The diaper itself is made from a soft jersey cotton, so it's more like wearing a pair of undies than a diaper. They are very cute, feel more organic than conventional cloth diapers, and have less bulk, as well. I am really enjoying them, and am considering making gDiapers my main diaper system for Baby D's impending size change (I bought size Medium, which fits from 13-28 pounds, so he's already fitting into them. Good gravy, what am I feeding that boy?!).

But I have two beefs with gDiapers. First, the Aplix tabs are very inconveniently placed in the back. Which means that anytime I put the diaper on, I have to roll a wiggling Baby D one way, fiddle around the back, and then roll him the other way, and fiddle around the back again. Really, guys? Getting the tabs away from little hands is a great idea and all, but the adult hands kind of need to reach them, too!

The second beef is that you have to purchase additional (expensive!) parts for this system. The two-pack came with three liners, but I'm finding that I will need to purchase a six-pack of additional liners, especially if I go whole-hog with the gDiapers. And according to the manufacturer, the liners only last about six months, or one hundred washes, so I'd need to restock at some point, assuming that Baby D hasn't expanded to the size of a small gorilla in six months. You never know.

You also need to buy either the flushable inserts or the cloth inserts. Well, the flushables are a great way to go bankrupt fast ($15 for a 32-pack! Oh, the price of convenience!), so naturally, I wanted to buy the cloth inserts. Until I saw the price tag.

A six-pack for $30?!!!

"Geez Louise!" I said to myself, standing in Babies R' Us. "There HAS to be a way to make these at home!"

And guess what? There was. Stay tuned next time to see how I made one insert for $1.25!


  1. I was also intrigued by the gDiapers, until I discovered they were one of the most expensive cloth diaper options! I've pretty much ignored them since then, but I'm interested to see how you make them work for a more reasonable price!

  2. We scoured Craigslist for gDiaper covers. I found 8 gDiapers plus several packs of unopened disposables for $55, which was AWESOME! I also use prefolds as inserts, though we did buy one set of gCloth inserts, and you're right they're totally expensive.

  3. I also didn't try gDiapers because I knew there were extra parts to keep buying. I am, however, interested to hear how they go for you and how you made a cheap insert!

  4. I also used gDiapers and Loved them! I made my own microfiber inserts, as well as using the prefolds, and they worked great. I didn't have trouble with the liners not being useable after a while, but I don't know if they've changed the material.


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