I totally pulled a fast one on Baby D yesterday.

The little guy, bless his heart, LOVES to be held 24/7, and he has the world's best sensor for when he's put down while asleep. I've tried everything-- putting him down while drowsy, or awake, or dead asleep; laying him on the bed, or the co-sleeper, or the couch, or the car seat; lying down with him and then slooowly scooting away... every single time, he is wide awake and fussy within two minutes!

Fortunately, I thoroughly enjoy holding him. Unfortunately, my enjoyment is hard to maintain when I'm surrounded by mountains of dishes and laundry. So yesterday afternoon, I nursed him to sleep on my Boppy pillow, waited till he was deep asleep... and in one big motion, slid the whole ensemble, Baby D, Boppy, and all onto the couch.

He never even moved a finger, Yes, yes, yes!!!

I know you're not supposed to let a baby sleep in a Boppy, but before you call CPS on me, let it be known that I was there the entire time to listen for every wheezy newborn breath... and take pictures.

Look at those giant feet! Well, his Daddy wears a Size 15, so this isn't a big surprise.

I used the time to work on a ring sling, in the hopes that one of these days, I can stick him in the sling and go about my business. It does my heart good, to know that there are crafts after Baby D, even if I have to trick my own son to do them. Ahhh, the guilty pleasure!

I was so stoked to work on the sling with two free hands! With Baby D being such a snugglebug, I pretty much need the sling to work on the sling. It's going to take a while to actually finish the project, because I have yet to order the Sling Rings (oops), but for now, feast your eyes on these delicious fabrics:

That is my last 2.5-yard stretch of free floor remaining in the apartment.

This is the outer layer. I'm making the sling two-layered for two reasons: 1) added stability, and 2) cold weather, it's a'comin'! And I promise I vacuumed the floor right before this picture was taken. Am I the only one whose carpet never fails to embarrass?

Here, from the same fabric collection, is the inner layer. Most people would probably pick a solid color, and certainly not another pattern, but it's kind of like how I cook: the more stuff I can throw in, the better. My husband is a bit more accepting of the sewing mish mash, but that's probably because he doesn't have to eat it.

I'll post more pictures when I finally finish it!


  1. How funny - I was going to suggest a sling until I saw that's what you're working on! I think the fabric is very fun!

  2. Man, I had one of those velcro babies. So hard to get anything done! The ring sling really did work for us. I could even do dishes with her in the sling! The best part of it - discrete nursing in public. No one was the wiser!

    Boy, it goes so fast, and those "huge feet" look so tiny to me, compared to my 2 and 5 year olds!

  3. I have news for you--let them sleep whereever the heck they want. LOL. I think both of my kids fell asleep on all kinds of stuff. they say don't let your kids sleep in the car seat, both mine slept all the time in one. I think my cousin's baby LIVED in her car seat! So don't worry there. Just found your site, looks great, we are definitely insync. (Not in a boy band kind of way, though.)


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