My Sexist Deodorant

I can't help but giggle a little every morning, when I reach for my deodorant and see this picture on the front:

I can't quite decide what message this company is trying to send, but I've narrowed it down to a few disturbingly sexist possibilities.

A: UGH, men need help with EVERYTHING. They can't even apply their own deodorant! Take that, chauvinist pigs!

B: Applying deodorant is women's work! A little to the left, wench!
I hope you've learned your lesson about submission!

C: Crystal Deodorant is the aluminum-free, hypoallergenic version of Axe. Just wear this stuff, and you will get the man or woman of your dreams! The obligatory shoutout for Axe, which is so egregiously horrendous in its advertising that it deserves its own post.

And If you look even further, there are other scary messages embedded in that picture:

D: A good time with your significant other involves a darkened room and sensual deodorant play.
Oh dear, if this is true, then Adam and I have been doing things ALL WRONG.

E. You have options other than steroids. See that guy's muscles? He totally got those from using this deodorant.
Of course, that might be because you apparently need to be flexing and posing in order to properly apply this product.

So that is what I have read into my deodorant label. My college English professor would be so proud! Personally, I use the deodorant for its deodorizing properties, as opposed to a man-attractant or a Women's Lib statement, but, you know, I'm weird like that. What do you think? Have I missed any other important subliminal deodorant messages?


  1. That's hilarious! I've never heard of that brand, so I guess we're missing out over here, too. Somehow you and Adam must be doing something right... I mean, you're getting ready to have a baby, so deoderant must not ALWAYS need to be a part of... :P LOL. Speaking of your baby, where in the world has the time flown to! I just noticed your baby ticker and see 15 days left! Wow! :)

  2. Yeah, it's crazy that the baby is coming so soon!!! The countdown SHOULD read 22 days... After I put up that countdown, the due date got bumped back a week, and I was too lazy to change it on the blog. But hey, I would be thrilled if it happened in 15 days! I'm pretty much done with all the third-trimester "fun". :-P


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