My Bare-Minimum Company Cleanup

Tonight is the final dress rehearsal for the last opera of the season. Phew! My feelings about the opera for the past couple weeks? Picture the stereotypical teenager screaming, "You're ruining my life!" Yeah, I'm just a little ready for it to be done. :-P

My younger sister, who just recently moved to a city a few hours away, is coming down tonight to see the show! Since last night was my first free night since Friday, I had to do a little housework. Luckily, my sister already knows that I'm a slob, so no need to pull out all the stops there! But even so, there are a few things I ALWAYS do before ANY company darkens my door:

1. Vacuum the floor. At least SOME large surface of the house will be clean!

2. Clean the bathroom. For me, the biggest yuck factor when visiting a house is the state of the bathroom. So, at my house, I always sweep the floor, wipe down the sinks, and clean the mirrors. I get the toilet, too, if I have time.

3. Get rid of any visible trash. Clutter can be excused if it's actually real stuff. But that Taco Bell wrapper? Not so much. Not that, um, I'm actually using a real-life example from my house or anything.

When I'm in a hurry, I actually try to restrain myself from doing too much to the kitchen. Although that is the one room in the house that I MUST have clean on a day-to-day basis, guests aren't going to come over to hang out in the kitchen. So I just turn off the lights in the kitchen and pretend like I always fumble around in the dark when I make tea.

What is on your Bare-Minimum Company list?


  1. Your kitchen comment made me laugh. I, too, "have" to have the kitchen clean all the time, too - I just can't stand working in a cluttered one!

  2. We have dark wood, so I always wipe the surfaces down!

  3. I like your new layout, love. Also, nice post. Glad I get to come home to a nice clean house :)


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