Earth Day Question: Am I a Hippie?

Happy Earth Day! Today is the day to celebrate all things crunchy and environmentally friendly! Being raised in the stereotypical "Those-radical-leftists-are-hyping-up-the-environment-of-course-there's-no-problem" house (we all know one), I've never celebrated Earth Day. Even after realizing that, yes, there are negative things happening to the environment that we need to reverse, I still don't celebrate Earth Day, because I see the environmental trend as very... trendy.

So, I do my small, quiet things to be a little better to Mother Earth without all the hoopla. Some of these things make my husband exclaim, "You're a hippie!"Read my list of preferred activities and see what you think:

1. I use GladRags products as opposed to disposable female products. I once wrote a post about this here.

2. I make my own household cleaning products, face wash, and shampoo.

3. When I have the time and the means, I like to make my own prepared food from scratch: yogurt, bread, breakfast cookies, etc.

4. When shopping, I purposely seek products that are not packaged in plastic.

5. During said shopping trips, I will bring reusable bags if I remember to bring them (so, pretty much never. But at least, when I get to the checkout counter, I promise to remember next time. That counts for something, right?).

6. I recycle old newspaper by using them instead of paper towels when cleaning windows. It leaves a lint-free, streak-free finish every time!

7. And last, but not least, I own a pair of Birkenstocks.

So does this make me a hippie? I doubt it, since I also make fun of Fern Gulley. That pretty much negates any hippie points.

I'm trying to decide on one thing to add this year to increase my eco-friendliness, so I'm looking for ideas! What do you do to help the environment?


  1. This made me laugh. I too wear Birkenstocks, and absolutely love them. I use my reusable shopping bags (when I remember to take them). Most of my kids snacks are homemade. My sister in law once called me a new ager, and that rather offended me. The things we do, we do because we feel they are the best way to take care of ourselves and our kids. Hippies had the right ideas about SOME things.

  2. "hippies" also had screwed up ideas about the military and politics, so I would say that you are not a hippie - but you are very environmentally friendly :) I am learning more and more how I can utilize baking soda and vinegar and other wonderful household items in a variety of ways.....I would love to learn the art of sewing - though I can't say I am bold enough to make my own baby wipes...heehee. THinking of you. Love your domestic blog :)


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