Works For Me Wednesday: Easy Homemade Yogurt

Wow, I can not believe that I have never written about my yogurt affair yet! This truly changed my life. I love my crockpot. And I love yogurt. And when those two combine, things get even better. Once you taste homemade yogurt, all other yogurts taste fake and look ridiculously expensive. It is great in cereal, smoothies, and on its own! It's also a great way to get calcium without much fat or sugar-- you control what % milk you use, and sweeten it as you so choose. Personally, I think honey tastes divine in yogurt!

The yogurt makers in coffee cans sounded just like something I'd bungle, so when I stumbled across a recipe for crockpot yogurt, I was sold! It's a very low-maintence recipe-- but be warned, it takes all day to cook.

Here's the recipe that I use, over at the blog A Year of Slow Cooking.

And that, my friends, is what Works For Me.

This is a participating post in We Are THAT Family's blog carnival today!


  1. Thanks for the tip and link to the recipe.

  2. The photo at the top of your blog is just so beautiful. I haven't tried this yet but saw the recipe over at Nourishing Days. It's on my goals for this year. Thanks for the inspiration :)


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