A Pregnancy Headache

So I'm participating in that NaBloPoMo thing, and I almost forgot to post today. Reason being, I am experiencing a massive pregnancy headache. This morning, I had such violent sickness that I got a headache, and from then on, the headache has made me violently sick. Ain't pregnancy wonderful? So now I'm going to (hopefully) sleep it off.

There. I posted for a the day. Kind of. Bear with me while I ride out these *crosses fingers* last few days of first-trimester horrors, and I, in return, will make significantly better posts!

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  1. Oh, how terrible!! I never had anything like that so I can't really sympathize except that it sounds purely awful :( I hope the headache and all the other yucky stuff goes away fast so you can get to the "fun" part of pregnancy!


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