Greetings from New York!

I know that I have been extremely slack lately in my blogging. Aside from all the houseguest craziness at home, I have been preparing an unplanned trip to the East Coast to visit the in-laws! So here I am in New York, hogging their computer. I'm sure they love me even more for that. :-P

(On a side note, I found out that they actually read this blog all the time. Time to start watching my language, LOL).

Yesterday, they sent me to Blockbuster to bring home a couple videos. When I go to a video store to choose movies for a whole group of people, I experience a mind-clouding bout of Movie Choice Anxiety. Is it too girly for the guys? Is it raunchy? Is it stupid? Is it something they've already seen ten billion times??

I came home with Unbreakable and the old The Day the Earth Stood Still, which are both pretty depressing movies. Dang it! Why didn't I just get Pollyanna or something?

Well, I'm going to get off now and talk with the family, eat their food, and maybe watch a depressing movie tonight. Cheers!


  1. Hi,
    I tried to find your email to ask you an important question about Works for Me Wednesday, would you please email me? kristenwrites@yahoo.com Thanks!

  2. I bet you can guess who I am! You did not hog the computer, you were certainly welcome to use it anytime!
    I had to go north to cut grass...Andrew went with me. When I suggested we go to Alex Bay to "shop around" he scowled. Hmmm, I can now use the line, "Maria wouldn't say that." Of course if you were here, he probably would have wanted to go. Oh, well.
    We miss you guys.


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