Wax Removal

Aaaaaaaaand I'm back from a nearly three-week hiatus! I haven't been home enough lately to be Downright Domestic, because I'm pretty sure my manager at work is trying to kill me. Lol. According to my little Sitemeter, however, nobody's been by here anyway, so everything's good. ;-)

One homey thing I did do the other day was remove wax from a doily. Apparently, my husband is so fascinated by watching wax melt that he will let it flow freely over any doilies in its path. *smacks forehead* After picking at it, freezing it, and searching the internet in vain for solutions (for some reason, removing wax from doilies is not a hot topic!), I threw the doily in a pot of boiling water, changing the water from time to time. Eventually, the wax melted off! Hooray! All in a day's work!

On a side note, does anybody know how to remove wax from a pan? :-D


  1. I haven't been over for a while b/c there hasn't been any new posts pop up in my "following" box :P I'm glad to see you back again, though! LOL, that sounds like something my DH would do... I wonder if the hot iron/paper bag trick would have worked? I think you just take a brown paper bag (maybe only 1 layer of paper?), lay it on top of the wax and run a warm/hot iron over it. I think it's supposed to life the wax off. But... I don't know if that would've gotten it all out or if that's only for carpet or what. I can see how it would be pretty hard to remove especially if it was a lace doily!!

  2. I think if you put the pan in the freezer you will be able to pop the wax right off. Thanks for stopping my blog. I think procrastination strikes a chord with most of us ;)

    Why is your manager trying to kill you. And why did I laugh when I read that?? Should I seek help?


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