Preparing for a storm

I live in Oklahoma, where everyone is currently holding their breath and waiting for an ice storm to hit this area. Last year, we had an ice storm, which broke many tree limbs, felled many power lines, and crippled my city for several weeks. My manager was telling me last night that he went three weeks without power! My husband and I are from the north, so we like to laugh at how panicked Southerners get when the temperature dips below 33 degrees. However, being without power for a few weeks is no laughing matter! So this is what I did today to prepare:

- Filled all available containers with water.
- Stocked up on shelf-stable food
- Did any laundry that NEEDS to be done
- Checked the flashlights and got extra batteries together
- Bought a few extra candles
- Thought about baking bread. Sandwiches would be good. Too bad I'm too lazy.

Am I forgetting anything?

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  1. LOL, I thought "Milk and bread!!" - that's what people go crazy for here at the MENTION of any slight possiblilty. Yup, too bad you're lazy. Homemade bread is good :) One time DH and I heated a can of pork'n'beans over the candle flame. Oil lamps are good, too, when the power's out - they provide more light than a reg. candle. How's the job going?


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