Life as a Working Wife

So, I am now working at a restaurant in walking distance from my place. This is good news! Also good news is that hubby has the car working again! Evidently, all it needed was radiator fixer-stuff, coolant, and other such things that Adam and his manfriends figured out. We're not going to drive much anyways, as the equation seems to be driving=spending, but it's nice to have the option!

The restaurant I'm working at is an authentic Mexican restaurant, which is almost entirely run by, well, Mexicans. I made the presently unfortunate choice of taking French in high school and college, so I have no clue what anybody's saying half the time. Meeting other waitstaff for the first time has been hilarious because this is what invariably happens:

ME: Hi, I'm Maria!
MEXICAN: Maria, eh?.... (insert string of questions in Spanish, stopping when he notices the really confused look on my face)... Well, why did your parents call you Maria if you're not Mexican??

I am working with four other Marias. This is pretty historic, as I have found people named Maria to be few and far between! I'm really enjoying working there, as the camaraderie there is unlike anything I've ever seen in a workplace. Some people have been there for fourteen years! Another waitress, a funny, outgoing soul, has been working for this restaurant for twenty-three years! You can tell that they feel almost like family, even with the bosses. 

I'm adjusting pretty well, but there are still a few bumps along the way. I've been a little heartsick lately about never being at ORU and seeing my "family". My dear Adam has also had to put up with more, since I work exactly during lunch and dinner times. :-P The poor guy has had to try to fend for himself at lunch, and then when I get off at 2 P.M. and have a break till 5, I try to throw something together for us to eat. There isn't a whole lot of food in the house right now and we are... broke. My poor, hungry husband!

However crazy life is now, things could definitely be worse, and I am appreciating the blessings that we enjoy right now. I'm sure I will have some great stories from work to share! Stay tuned!


  1. Wow, it does sound like things got exciting for you all of the sudden! I'm glad the car was able to be fixed, what a relief to know that you don't have to go shell out for a "new" one right now! LOL, I loved the comment about hubby's "manfriends" :P

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