I have a job!

I was awakened today by my phone buzzing angrily at me. There is no church nearby, so there really was nothing for us unemployed, carless people to do but sleep in. ;-) It was the manager of a restaurant right behind our apartment, wanting to know if I could start work tomorrow! Praise God!

This has been a pretty dark week, with the car failure and financial worries. We had no idea where next month's rent would come from. but God didn't drop us. He never does! So be sure to tip your waitresses generously, because you never know when it could be me!


  1. Congrats on your job!
    I enjoy reading your blog because it brings back wonderful "honey-moon" memories! We too, spent around $25. a week on groceries!

  2. Isn't God Awesome in how He gives us a "reality check" sometimes to see if we're *really* trusting in Him? Congrats on the new job!!


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